Buying A Used Vehicle

Buying a used vehicle is a great choice as long as you take the time to make sure you know what you are buying. Find tips and tricks below to finding your new to you vehicle.

1. Do research to find a vehicle that matches your needs.

a) Decide what you need the vehicle for: commuting, work, family? Which models are you interested in?
b) Research vehicle trim levels and safety features.
c) Research fuel efficiency.
d) Research prices that are reasonable based on condition and kilometers.

2. You have found a few vehicles your interested in, now what?

a) Find a list of questions here to ask the seller before going any further. List of questions to ask the seller
b) Go for a test drive and make notes about any further questions.
c) If the test drive went well, arrange now to have the vehicle taken to your shop for a through pre-purchase inspection to be aware of the vehicles current mechanical condition.
This is also a good time to purchase a vehicle history report and lean search to confirm accident history and title status.

Spending a bit of money now is better than being stuck with a vehicle that will cost you a ton to get into reliable running condition.

If you are satisfied with all the information that has been provided to you buy the vehicle, transfer ownership, buy insurance and you are on your way.